Book Review: Dying of the Light

Ol’ George R.R., it has been awhile. I binge read all of A Song of Ice and Fire books right before Dance with Dragons came out years ago. I think with Game of Thrones mania hitting an all time high, I’ve avoided Mr. Martin in turn. But Dying of the Light is something distinctly different than his later novels. Published in […]

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Book Review: Distraction

I finished this book months ago, and enjoyed it so little that I procrastinated writing my review. Distraction is a 1998 dystopian novel written in the not-so-distant future about an American society embroiled in an identity crisis and facing a highly divided and stratified population. Written by Bruce Sterling, it won the Arthur C. Clarke award, and […]

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Book Review: The Forever War

Having finished this over a week ago, I apparently will take my time in reviewing. In the end, the novel was entertaining. I can’t say that it covered new territory for me, or was particularly inspiring or educational – but it was certainly an enjoyable read. I’d easily recommend it for anyone who enjoys war […]

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Book Review: Foundation

THE trilogy of science fiction has finally been read. I feel almost like a weight has been lifted. Throughout this journey when I’ve discussed with people what I’m doing, inevitably it comes up that everyone else has read (and loved) this series and yet somehow I have evaded reading it. I feel like I did […]

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Book Review: Darwin’s Radio

Hard to believe it’s been a month since my last post. I got wrapped up doing that thing called life and while I’ve kept reading – haven’t been posting. So on to the review… Darwin’s Radio is a 1999 novel that won the Nebula and was nominated for the Hugo. It documents the spread of […]

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