Book Update: Wizard’s First Rule

[Pages Read: 184]

I once had a passionate love affair – the kind of brief encounter that fantasy novels are all about: star-crossed lovers who meet and instantly know the other for their soulmate. The sort of relationship that probably inspires Diana Gabaldon. Yeah, I had one of those. And as those sorts of things are wont to do – it ended as abruptly and impassioned as it began. What I had left: memories, a few inside jokes I still laugh at, some art and a book recommendation – Terry Goodkind’s Sword of Truth series. So here we are – my begrudged attempt at recapturing that magic: I’m finally reading the books.

Published in 1994, Wizard’s First Rule is the first novel (although 3rd chronologically) in the Sword of Truth series. First book by first time author – it was a big deal. The internet would have me believe that at the time it was the highest bid paid for a first time fantasy author ever. Tor, we know how you love a good series (looking at you WoT). The first of 14 novels, we’ll see how deep into the series I survive.

First impressions: I’m reading a novelized fantasy version of A New Hope. I hear this is a common sentiment. I had a friend warn me I will come to a creature that is a direct ripoff of something I love. It’s entertaining, at times – painful (or maybe that’s just my personal experience bleeding in). Currently the main character core is trying to get across the Boundary. Updates to come.


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