Book Review: The Handmaid’s Tale

You know those books that you just savor? The ones you don’t want to end? This was Handmaid’s Tale for me. I was completely swept up in it. Even though I kept wanting the ending to be something more unexpected or bold – I still bought into every minute of it.

The novel itself is scary. There’s a few passages that feel creepily relevant – particularly when they’re talking about control, government and gender – that feel like they could be tweets from today. As someone prone to being unsatisfied by endings, this one delivers. I had spent probably three-quarters of the book expecting a much more dramatic finish, but this was as it exactly should be. Played well into the psychological aspects presented throughout, and hit on ideas about escape in very direct and indirect manners. I would easily recommend this book for those who love dystopian tales, novels directly addresses gender, oppression and society, as well as those just looking for something within the realm of sci-fi/fantasy but is more of a psychological thriller.


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