Book Update: The Handmaid’s Tale

[Pages Read: 76]

This is one of those books that I always heard about but never knew how to feel about. In a genre with so few female voices, The Handmaid’s Tale always tempted me since it’s not only a female author – but a very well-acclaimed novel. Published in 1985 and nominated for the Nebula, I have to be honest and say it’s the way this novel is discussed that always put me off reading it sooner. I will say now – I was wrong. I always imagined this being a novel that was so heavily steeped in societal critique that I might find it off-putting, but instead (especially given the current political climate) I’m finding the very strong feminist point of view refreshing and inspiring. In a year where it can feel like only the affluent white males get anywhere, it’s nice to read a book about that concept unraveling. Updates to come. Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! Anyone else get a great haul of books?


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