Book Review: Foundation

THE trilogy of science fiction has finally been read. I feel almost like a weight has been lifted. Throughout this journey when I’ve discussed with people what I’m doing, inevitably it comes up that everyone else has read (and loved) this series and yet somehow I have evaded reading it. I feel like I did all those years I refused to read Harry Potter (still stand behind that decision after initiation). But no longer do I have to be one of those people. The original Foundation trilogy is completed.

A brief history for the uninitiated: Started in the 1940s, the Foundation series is a well-renowned sci-fi classic by Isaac Asimov. The novels chronicle the rise of an empire in the most unlikely of sources, all foretold using a mathematical equation to predict the future.

I enjoyed the episodic nature of the books, and the shifting viewpoints throughout the narrative. The pacing was enjoyable, although I don’t feel like these books had any real “meat” to them. They could have been much more fleshed out and really delved into the topics being discussed rather than leaving them as more of an open allegory for people to project meaning and intention on to. They were entertaining – and as a classic – a must read. I’m currently reading Helter Skelter and The Year of Yes but once those are done, I’m reading to dive back into the genre. I had The Forever War recommended to me recently, so I’d say that’s next on the shelf. Until then, live long and prosper (or something like that).


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