Book Review: Darwin’s Radio

Hard to believe it’s been a month since my last post. I got wrapped up doing that thing called life and while I’ve kept reading – haven’t been posting. So on to the review…

Darwin’s Radio is a 1999 novel that won the Nebula and was nominated for the Hugo. It documents the spread of a retrovirus embedded within our DNA that is activated and causes a huge sexual outrage. The book was my first experience with Greg Bear and I have to say that I was entertained, although perhaps not satisfied. The pacing and build up was great, reminded me a lot of Crichton. The scientific plot seemed plausible and the explanations were thorough and interesting (I even found myself doing some research to see how much of the science presented was true – which is always a good sign). The failing of the novel were few – but ultimately I did not care for the resolution. No spoilers here – but the ended had a distinct King feeling for me. I spent the first 200 or so pages hoping for a certain sort of conclusion, and let’s just say what I got was, well, quite different. I’m curious now if this is a common theme throughout Bear novels or an isolated incident. I’d say this novel is good for those into viral infections and alternative realities (maybe even those into King). Next on the shelf: The Foundation novels. Figured it was time to go back to a classic. Updates to come soon as I’m already finished with the first.


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