Book Review: Revelation Space

Again, another non-List book. This one at least was shortlisted for the Arthur C. Clarke award, but still – I should probably get back to making headway on the Lists. I finished this book while on vacation in Puerto Rico. I found the storytelling to be rich and engaging, my only complaint would be that […]

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Current Book: Revelation Space

[Pages Read: 253] Published in 2000,┬áRevelation Space is what is (apparently) called a “space opera novel” by Alastair Reynolds. The book chronicles primarily three points of view, all that are obviously intertwined and headed for an eventual merge. I enjoy this sort of plot structure, keeps pacing fresh and allows for jumps in space and […]

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Book Review: Childhood’s End

I wanted to like this book. I truly did. But somewhere around midpoint I realized that this book felt more like a Stephen King novel than a Clarke. In true King fashion, the begin was wonderfully set up – I had visions of the where the story could be headed, enticed by the obvious religious […]

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