Current Book Update: The Dispossessed

[Pages Read: 91]

Shevek is on Earth. We’re finally given that revelation (although for a moment I doubted my assumption given the mention of Terra). We’re also given mention to the Hainish people, and how they have limited contact with the humans in this story. It would be interesting to known how the timeline of this novel fits in with that of the Hainish universe. As with The Left Hand of Darkness we are slowly shown that the two cultures in question are nearly stark opposites of one another, and I would assume that like the previous novel – the two cultures will learn to find greater balance within and with the other as the novel progresses. Again we see feminist themes and general issue taken with binary ideals that is refreshing, we not are given to one distinct definition and should not make situations black or white. Other than a few references to possible duplicity and shady government behavior, we aren’t really given many clues as to where the plot is headed. Updates to come, on the road.


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