Current Book: The Dispossessed

Started The Dispossessed last night, although I know my reading for the next few days will be intermittent with a trip to visit friends planned this weekend. This is the fifth novel published in the Hainish Universe, although my understanding is that chronologically speaking it is considered the first. As its predecessor, it won both the Hugo and Nebula awards as well as being nominated and winning several other literary markers of accomplishment. Given my experience with Le Guin novels, I assume we will continue to get well-conceived metaphor regarding big themes and overarching epistemological explorations of self and collective. I am interested to see the structure of this novel, because I enjoyed the asides of the first – particularly their poetic nature – but am unsure if that sort of format would continue to be conducive in a non-sequential series. Updates to come of progress and first impressions, also open to suggestions on what to read next.


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