Current Book Update: The Left Hand of Darkness

[Pages Read: 220]

Now the unannounced shifts in viewpoints begin to make sense. We’re given a big shift in the plot that finally reunites Estraven and Mr. Ai in the relationship we could always tell they were moving towards. While the asides and general history/myths included in the text certainly enrich the story and give us more background into the lifestyle and motivations of the Genthians, in the last few pages they have become sinister. Now more than ever we can easily compare and examine the differences between the “man” and the “alien” – and see that the vast majority derive from this binary structure inherent in fixed gender. As you are probably aware, this is what made the book famous, what gives it the distinction as being the foremost feminist series of the genre. You’re presented with this notion that if we view the two genders as equal, many of the inequalities and prejudices we maintain would be unfit and inappropriate. The last chapter had a lot of great philosophy woven in regarding gender and just general life outlook that was quite moving.  Now that we have a clear direction in which the characters are headed, I’m curious to see how the digressions/histories will be utilized and how they will ultimately connect with the main plot. On a final note, picked up The Dispossessed yesterday – seemed an obvious choice for the next book up.


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