Movie Review: The Martian

Unlike the months it took me to finally watch Contact – it took me just about a week to watch The Martian. Big picture thoughts: loved the casting. Always a fan of Jessica Chastain, and Damon typically kills it. The movie is true to the book in most regards – with some omissions that make sense given you have to cram a 300 page novel into 2 hours. With that said – the ending was significantly different – and I’m not sure how to feel about it. I love Ridley Scott, I typically like his storytelling decisions (side note: Blade Runner is my favorite movie, and if you asked me to make a top 20 – Alien would probably also make an appearance.) But this ending – it doesn’t really sit right with me. I get that this change seems to reflect the sort of behavior we come to expect from the characters – but it felt cheapened for me. I don’t want to ruin it for anyone who has not seen it, you should certainly do so. Would love to hear how others felt about the ending as well. Overall a movie that was entertaining and got the job done, but probably would rather reread the novel rather than rewatch the film.


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