Current Book Update: The Left Hand of Darkness

[Pages Read: 98]

Nearly 100 pages in and I can certainly say this book is not what I expected. At all. There’s a lot I appreciate in the story structure, particularly how we are given tidbits of information here and there but the universe in general is discovered and made known to us by the first-hand experiences of our protagonists. The world of Winter is interesting – I’m given flashes of John Carter and George R.R. (an ice wall for the exiled). The politics are reminiscent of Earth’s past, particularly that of England. Our main character is presumably like us – although we aren’t exactly sure what planet he is from, only that he morphologically speaking appears like us. The Gethen are typically androgynous beings with similar appearances to mankind except when in heat (kemmer) they have the potential to morph into either gender. The removal of the gender barrier – and really that of all related-binary thoughts – is very interesting and I’m sure will provide more plot in future pages. My only complaint thus far is that we are not given forewarning when we switch character viewpoints – it may take a paragraph or two for you to figure out exactly who you are experiencing the world through. Enjoyable read, I’m very excited to see where this goes.


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