Current Book Update: The Uplift War

[Pages Read: 480]

In the pages since my last update, a lot more has come to light and things have gotten a lot more complicated. We learn significantly more about Gubru politics and culture, as well as get some insight into Galactic society that we didn’t know from either of the previous books. Fiben and Gailet continue to be enjoyable, I still find them more complex and preferable to their neo-fin counterparts in the last book. Robert is discovering more about himself and his place in the world, and slowly you can see the story is starting to lead to him fully coming into his own – probably at the critical moment. Athaclena had changed quite a bit in the intervening 200 pages – not only physically, but she has also hardened and it will be interesting to see where the plot takes her. We are also given some new information regarding her abilities that is very interesting and very difficult to figure out what role it will play in the final showdown. Already you can feel the plot moving toward the final big event, but how the individual roles will play out is still unknown in the best way. Review will be posted later in the week, since I am certainly going to push ahead and finish this now that we are unquestionably to the exciting part.


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