Book Review: The Uplift War

And now my time reading the Uplift series comes to a close. I can easily say this was my favorite of the first three Uplift books. As I’ve stated before, I found the neo-chimps much more relatable than the neo-dolphins. The overall story arc is very similar between Startide and Uplift – we are just given a different human/patron race pairing, and a bit more involvement from friendly Eatee races. The last one hundred pages fly by as we’re presented with the conclusion to all of our major conflicts. We finally are given more insight into what exactly the Gubru were thinking and what their plans were. We are shows a bit more of how the Universe at large works, and how little and uncertain Mankind’s place in it is. The soft ending has an unexpected hero, which is always refreshing. I was a bit disappointed Althacena didn’t play a larger role in the final chapters, but it is understandable given where her character is left. Not a big fan of the soft ending; we’ve given resolutions and most of the loose ends are tied up, but there is still about 60 pages left after this. If you’re going to blindly pick up an Uplift novel (which I firmly think you can after reading the first three) – this would be the one I would recommend. The notes at the end of the novel are particularly poignant and still unbelievably relevant today. (Take care of the world people, it’s the only option we have right now.) Thinking the next book up is The Martian which I will get started on tonight.


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