Current Book Update: The Uplift War

[Pages Read: 207]

As you can tell, this is book is entertaining.  Even through the very busy holiday season I found myself making time to catch a chapter or two here and there.  The plot thus far mirrors Startide Rising in several ways: we have an alien race trying to get information from mankind and their uplifted races. This time around we are aided by an E.T. ally, the Tymbrimi. A love story seems to be developing, and we get to see some uplifted chimpanzees (chims) come into their own and to presumably play a pivotal role in helping the Earth races “win” this fight in the war. Thus far we also have some curveballs throw in for good measure that are entertaining, and even some laughs that aren’t too present in the last novel. I can already tell I will be disappointed to leave these characters behind if I continue on in the series.  This series does a great job in highlighting how often we have issues that are only matters of perspective and how fluid identity can be. (The entire series is also a nice ego stroke for man. We may discover the universe is teeming with diverse intelligent life, but humans will still be unique in special in some distinct way.) Hopefully more updates to come before I finish the book. Any suggestions on next novel up after this? I’m thinking The Martian.


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