Book Review: The Martian

As advertised and promised, this book was very entertaining and a very quick read. I only wish it had been under better circumstances. I spent the night laying with my 16 year old cat waiting for her to pass away, and read this intermittently while she slept. The plot is pretty basic (as expected): a […]

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Current Book: The Martian

At this point it is pretty hard to escape The Martian. The book is on every endcap and best seller shelf in stores, and the movie has just been released on DVD. I refused to see the movie until I read the book – which is fairly common for me and sci-fi. Originally self-published online in […]

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Movie Review: Contact

I know, I know. I finished Contact several books ago – but finally got around to watching the film last night. I loved this movie as a child, and now that I’m quite a bit older it lacks some of the awe and wonder I felt back then, but still is entertaining. The differences were few, although […]

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Book Review: The Uplift War

And now my time reading the Uplift series comes to a close. I can easily say this was my favorite of the first three Uplift books. As I’ve stated before, I found the neo-chimps much more relatable than the neo-dolphins. The overall story arc is very similar between Startide and Uplift – we are just given a […]

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