Book Review: Startide Rising

Went into studio late today just to finish up the novel. Overall Startide Rising was much more enjoyable than Sundiver. The biggest difference was pacing and just the sheer amount of plot covered.  Sundiver told multifaceted story that took place over the course of months, while also developing the entire Uplift universe and Startide unburdened by these constraints was a much quicker read. Even though I don’t necessarily feel an affinity for the dolphin-esque characters, I much preferred them and all of the human crew members to the original crew in Sundiver.  The ending is a bit predictable, but in the best way. It is exciting and ends in a perfect way to segue right into the next book.  (I’m reminded of Star Wars here, but that could also be the unbelievable saturation of the movies right now.) I’m very interested in where the series is headed. We still don’t know much about the Progenitors, nor Herbie. We’re given glimpses as to how mankind has already influenced the universe, and how our adaptability is proving to still be our greatest asset. I would recommend it for people interested in the Uplift novels, and for those that like fast-paced intrigue in space. If you’re also a dolphin lover, this is probably a home run. I had to force myself to not dive into the next book, if that is any indication on how enjoyable this book was.  7/10.


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