Current Book Update: Startide Rising

[Pages Read: 79]

Right off the bat this novel has much better pacing than the previous Sundiver.  We are given multiple viewpoint chapters – setting up different viewpoints within the same conflict, and introducing us to different alien (E.T., “Eatee”) races.  The main characters are primarily human and Uplifted dolphin species.  The opening chapters of Sundiver touched on the Uplifting of dolphins, so it is no surprise to see the characters central here.  We’re given a lot of information regarding the relationship between the parent and subservient races, which I assume will play a big role later on.  Toshio has already presented himself as a likeable character that is just an average guy in the right (or perhaps wrong, depending on perspective) place and the right time. An unlikely hero, I find myself already empathizing.  The plot thus far is pretty simple: on a basic exploration mission the dolphin-manned “Streaker” ship found a group of abandoned ships of unknown origin, and inside one of them found “Herbie” (a mummy presumed to be ancient and visually man-like).  In an attempt to gain information on the mummy and derelict fleet, the crew accessed the Library which alerted the galaxy to their findings.  Many races sent ships after the Streaker in an attempt to claim Herbie, ultimately this chase has led to the Streaker hiding underwater on a mostly uninhabited world attempting to make repairs, while several other races participate in an epic space battle.  Difficult to tell exactly where the story is headed, which is exactly how I like it.  Updates to come.


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