Current Book: Startide Rising

Finally featuring a novel that won Hugo and Nebula awards.  Written in 1983, Startide Rising is set in the same universe as the less-enjoyed SundiverStartide is the 2nd of 6th novels David Brin did in the Uplift War series.  I am reading the original publication version, although this was more by happenstance than prerogative (apparently a decade after initial release he revisted the novel to correct errors and add content.)  Just knowing that this novel is not directly connected to Sundiver makes me excited.  When I originally read that novel I enjoyed the basic tenets of the universe Brin created, but did not necessarily like the characters or plot – but this novel seems to promise a respite from both of those.  Very excited to get started.  Hopefully we won’t find out who Uplifted man before I can finish the novel.


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