Current Book Update 4: Contact

[Pages Read: 373]

Thank you holidays for throwing off my reading (and posting) schedule.  I’ve finally reached the point in the book where I told myself I had to stop reading and make a post before I finish it.  I also scored several books off the Lists this week (which have been updated) so lots of new books and posts to come.  

Now for the good stuff: [Rife with spoilers]

The first chapter after my last check in was very interesting.  It explored the parallels behind religious and scientific beliefs, both being a manner of believing a certain set of facts to be true – or representing some facet of the truth – and thus validating a certain belief system.  It has been quite some time since I have seen anyone discuss how closely religion and science can seem structure-wise, and how often both require a believe that what they offer – and the structure they teach it through – is very similar.  It was refreshing, particularly when I have spent much time in the past few months ruminating over the temporality of truth.

The following chapters chronicled the final decoding of the message and ultimately the building of the machine.  Again, a lot of old Cold War attitudes are prevalent and certainly date the book – but do not necessarily take away from the story in any great sense.  We get to learn about the Five individuals selected to ride in the Machine.  If I remember correctly, the movie deviates from this.  Or perhaps she is the only to go on the mission because of the accident?  I can’t remember fully.  I don’t want to give too much away about the actual journey – just know that it is described quite a bit differently than it is depicted in the movie, and we are provided more answers regarding the who/and what behind the Machine.  I will give a final update once the book in finished (most likely tonight).

Suggestions for my next book?  Anything you’d like to see happen with the blog?  Thinking that finishing up the Uplift War series (and finally doing a post on Sundiver) could be a good option.


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