Current Book: The Uplift War

The Uplift War is the third Uplift Universe novel, published in 1987. It was nominated for the Nebula in the same year, and won the Hugo in 1988. My understanding is that this novel features an entirely new cast of characters, just as the first two installments. I know the Gubru are a central race […]

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Book Review: Startide Rising

Went into studio late today just to finish up the novel. Overall Startide Rising was much more enjoyable than Sundiver. The biggest difference was pacing and just the sheer amount of plot covered.  Sundiver told multifaceted story that took place over the course of months, while also developing the entire Uplift universe and Startide unburdened by these constraints was a […]

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Current Book Update: Startide Rising

[Pages Read: 79] Right off the bat this novel has much better pacing than the previous Sundiver.  We are given multiple viewpoint chapters – setting up different viewpoints within the same conflict, and introducing us to different alien (E.T., “Eatee”) races.  The main characters are primarily human and Uplifted dolphin species.  The opening chapters of Sundiver touched […]

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Current Book: Startide Rising

Finally featuring a novel that won Hugo and Nebula awards.  Written in 1983, Startide Rising is set in the same universe as the less-enjoyed Sundiver. Startide is the 2nd of 6th novels David Brin did in the Uplift War series.  I am reading the original publication version, although this was more by happenstance than prerogative (apparently a decade after initial […]

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Book Review: Sundiver

My next choice for novels on the list was easy: finish the Uplift series.  I had read Sundiver this past summer, and now that I have the next two books sitting on my nightstand – it is time to dive in. Sundiver is the first Uplift novel, published in 1980.  Like most of Brin’s novels it is […]

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Book Review: Contact

And so it is: officially done with Contact.  Overall it was an enjoyable read, although certain aspects seem quite dated (the numerous references to Cold War politics) and others a bit odd (Babylon and all the people in the future living in the sky).  I think the movie did a good job of editing some of […]

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Current Book Update 4: Contact

[Pages Read: 373] Thank you holidays for throwing off my reading (and posting) schedule.  I’ve finally reached the point in the book where I told myself I had to stop reading and make a post before I finish it.  I also scored several books off the Lists this week (which have been updated) so lots […]

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