The Big Bang – Or How This All Got Started

In 2013, after plowing through the Wheel of Time (all 14 in a row) and revisiting A Song of Ice and Fire (or Game of Thrones for you TV people), I was at a lost for what to read next.  I started searching for recommendations based on some of my favorite books I read as a teen like Dune and Vonnegut, and slowly pieced together some books I thought would be worth reading.  As I amassed these books I noticed a common theme: the majority were classics in the genre or had won some sort of award.  Truly falling down the rabbit hole that can be nerdom – I decided to read every book on the list.  After the first year and a half – and just about 100 books – I realized people loved hearing about this journey and discussing the books, thus this blog was born.  I do stray from the list at times (sequels and recommendations are always welcomed), but plan on sharing my progress and thoughts, regrets, and discoveries with you.  Maybe we’ll even find the answer to 42 along the way. As Yoda (might have) said: “Read. Or Read Not. There Is No Try.”


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