Book Review: The Forever War

Having finished this over a week ago, I apparently will take my time in reviewing. In the end, the novel was entertaining. I can’t say that it covered new territory for me, or was particularly inspiring or educational – but it was certainly an enjoyable read. I’d easily recommend it for anyone who enjoys war […]

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Book Update: The Forever War

[Pages Read: 80] After having a date say it was their favorite book, The Forever War had to move off my to-read shelf. Originally published in 1974, Joe Haldeman’s intergalactic alien war novel won both the Hugo and Nebula. Thus far it’s exactly as expected – a true war novel, just set in space. A lot of […]

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Book Review: Foundation

THE trilogy of science fiction has finally been read. I feel almost like a weight has been lifted. Throughout this journey when I’ve discussed with people what I’m doing, inevitably it comes up that everyone else has read (and loved) this series and yet somehow I have evaded reading it. I feel like I did […]

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